Review | Freon Collective Reusable Cotton Rounds

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to Freon Collective for these reusable 100% organic cotton rounds!

I wanted to find a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton rounds like the Shiseido and Quo ones because let’s face it, those aren’t cheap! Having reusable cotton rounds will be so much more affordable and eco-friendly.

These 100% organic cotton rounds come in sets of 15 and there are 9 different designs. I chose the Grey Marble ones. They come in a mesh bag so you can throw it into the laundry without losing any of them.

They do absorb a little bit more liquid than regular cotton pads and they aren’t quite as soft either, but they are still gentle. After using half of them, I’ll throw the used ones into the laundry so that I have enough to last a few days while the used ones are washed and air-dried.


I still have quite a few packages of one-use cotton rounds in my drawers so I will finish those and then move to the reusable ones. I think I will use my makeup eraser cloths to remove makeup and use these for toners and other skincare products because I don’t want them to get dirty too quickly.

If you want to make the move to be more eco-friendly, they generously gave me a discount code to share with you guys! It’s not an affiliate code, just a 10% discount for my lovely followers! Use the code JEN10 at checkout!