This or That | Acne Patches (COSRX vs. Rael)

Hi Everyone!

I’ve tried out the Rael Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Healing Patch and compared it to my beloved COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches (read my review) and here are my thoughts:


The thin clear hydrocolloid patch feels similar to a hydrogel sheet mask in texture, adhering your skin strongly. It’ll stay on through showering and washing! It treats breakouts by eliminating infection and bacteria, which is what causes them in the first place. It’s able to breakdown debris from blackheads and absorb gunk from whiteheads overnight, so you won’t experience a harsh dry patch from using this. It even helps flatten and heal cystic acne faster!

24 patches per pack (3 sizes):

  • 10 x 7mm
  • 5 x 10mm
  • 9 x 12mm

The COSRX are the first patches I tried and I’ve compared them to the Nexcare ones which I didn’t like (read my review). I buy the COSRX patches on for $4.50 each.


Our high-grade absorbent hydrocolloid extracts impurities and provides a protective barrier that guards your skin from bacteria and irritants. These super-effective patches reduce inflammation and also prevent potential acne scarring.

24 patches per pack (2 sizes):

  • 12 x 10mm
  • 12 x 12mm

I bought these on and got 4 packages for $24.46 which means 1 pack is $6.12

The Rael ones remind me of the COSRX Clear Fit Master Patches (read my review) because they are tapered on the edges, but the COSRX Clear Fit only comes with 18 patches in 10mm size.

Rael costs a little more, but they are better if you are wearing them out of the house. COSRX are cheaper, but they a little more noticeable (especially if it’s somewhere obvious like your cheek). COSRX comes with 10 of the small sized patches and a lot of the times, I’m using the medium or large ones and I have the small ones leftover until I have a smaller zit. I know that it’s still a pretty big patch, but my zits are either huge or they aren’t the right type that I’d need to use the patch. Also, sometimes when I peel off the COSRX ones, it folds over onto itself (like when you’re opening a new bandaid and it sticks to itself and you can’t unstick it). The Rael (and the COSRX Clear Fit) have slits so that it’s easier to peel them off the sheet without accidentally folding it over onto itself.

COSRX (left)

WINNER: It’s a tie!

I think that since the COSRX ones aren’t tapered, they can absorb more. From now on, I will buy both and use the Rael ones if I need to wear one out of the house and use the COSRX for home.

Have you tried acne patches? What’s your fave brand?