Revisiting My 2018 Favourites | Part 1

Hi Everyone! I thought I would do a post revisiting last year’s favourites to see if they were still my favourites. I’ve already done a post for my September to December 2017 favourites. Revisiting My 2017 Favourites I’m going to split the posts into 2 parts so it’s not too long. Part 1 for January […]

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My Mom’s Everyday Makeup

Hi Everyone! I thought it’d be cool to do a post on what makeup my mom uses! Before I got into makeup and before my sister’s wedding, most of my mom’s products consisted of Clinique. Over the past few years, my mom’s makeup stash has expanded to higher end products and more diverse in terms […]

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February 2018 Faves

Hi Everyone! Here are this month’s favourites: Get a gorgeous, healthy glow using MAC’s Strobe Cream! I bought mine at the MAC sale, so it’s in the original shade that they first came out with (Pinklite).They have other shades now: goldlite, peachlight, silverlite and redlite. I love how you can wear it on its own, […]

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