YouTubers Made Me Buy It

Hi Everyone! Have you ever watched a beauty YouTuber review a product and they rave about it so you have to go buy it too? Or read a beauty blogger and saw swatches of the prettiest highlighter that you had to get? Well, there have been quite a lot of products that I’ve purchased over […]

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Dupe It Out | Makeup Remover Cloths

Hi Everyone! It’s time for another Dupe It Out! Today, I’m comparing The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth by Makeup Eraser and the Erase Your Face Cloth by Danielle Creations. Both cloths remove makeup by just adding water, no makeup remover needed! I put them both to the test and here are my findings. […]

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Review | The Original Makeup Eraser

Hi Everyone! I recently bought the makeup eraser cloth from Amazon for $18.99 CAD. It’s a super soft reusable cloth that contains no chemicals- you just need to add warm water and it removes makeup. I watched a Buzzfeed video where the ladies tried it out and decided I wanted to try it out for myself. […]

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