2018 Mid-Year Makeup Inventory | Highlighters

Hi Everyone! Continuing my makeup inventory, today’s post is on highlighters! Check out my other mid-year makeup roundup! Primers & Foundations | Bronzers | Blushes | Mascaras Current inventory: 12 powder highlighters 1 liquid strobe highlighter from Milk Makeup You can never have too many highlighters, especially when you can get different shades and you […]

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June 2018 Faves

Hi Everyone! Here are June’s beauty faves! I really love this Clinique Sonic Systems Purifying brush (read my review). It really gets off all the makeup that I missed with wipes, micellar water, and makeup cloths. I use it with my fave cleansers from The Face Shop. The charge lasts a really long time (but […]

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Review | Clionadh Cosmetics Mother of Pearl Highlighter

Hi Everyone! Last weekend, I attended Indie Expo Canada (independent beauty brands showcase their products- it’s mostly Indie nail polish brands). The majority of the vendors sell nail polish, but some had essential oils, wax, bath bombs, etc. From one of the vendors, Clionadh Cosmetics, I picked up an absolutely gorgeous highlighter that you can […]

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