Revisiting My 2018 Favourites | Part 1

Hi Everyone! I thought I would do a post revisiting last year’s favourites to see if they were still my favourites. I’ve already done a post for my September to December 2017 favourites. Revisiting My 2017 Favourites I’m going to split the posts into 2 parts so it’s not too long. Part 1 for January […]

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This or That | Peeling Gels

Hi Everyone! Today, I’m comparing two peeling gels that are mild exfoliants. Unlike my previous This or That post on exfoliating scrubs, these are gentler. The Tarte Frxxxtion Stick and Pixi Peel & Polish both have more gritty textures. The Soo’Ae gel is similar to the Peel & Polish, but it’s not as gritty and […]

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